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My name is Agnes, but just call me Aggie. I’ve been running city tours for over 14 years. Warsaw is my hometown. I have lots of my own memories and family stories to share with you. Check out my website and watch my YouTube channel. You will find there various information about the city with useful travel tips. Visit Warsaw – the capital of Poland.

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The capital of Poland has a lot to offer to visitors. Warsaw is not only an interesting place to visit with amusing history, but also varied cuisine and modern office centers and housing estates. You can find there as well many impressive and worth visiting museums and must-attend cultural events.

The European capital

Warsaw is a very easy place to reach thanks to its central location. It is inhabited by 1.8 million citizens living in 18 districts and covers the area of 517 square kilometres (about 199 square miles).


The best Warsaw candy ever

Polish and especially Warsaw cuisine is very tasty and various. The most delicious Warsaw candy is called 'Panska skorka’ which in literal translation means 'ladies crust’. Click HERE to find more.

Amazing Christmas decoration

There is a place in Warsaw city center (especially the Royal Route)  which for several weeks (since the beginning of December) becomes a fairy-tale world.

What is Warsaw like?

This city is worth visiting and enjoying its diversity, greenery and complicated history.

Warsaw is a real European metropolis


This modern city surprises with its vitality. Razed to the ground during the Second World War, it rose like a phoenix from the ashes and today is an important business partner for international companies. The interesting architecture comprises of old relics with modern arrangements in a special way. Many beautiful parks and fresh greenery offer enjoyment and relaxation. The varied Polish and international cuisine is a paradise for foodies. And what is the most important, the residents coming from different parts of Poland and foreign countries, appreciate that Warsaw is an energetic and friendly place to live. 

Warsaw travel tips

Everyone will find something suitable in TRAVEL TIPS. It is much easier to get know a bit about the city before visiting it. Below you will read some advice from visitors to Warsaw.

„Try the hot drinking chocolate in Wedel.”

Roxanna and Brian

New Hampshire, USA

one of my last guests in Warsaw before the COVID pandemic

„...While in the Old Town make sure to go up to the St. Anne’s Church Observation Deck for a panoramic view of the square and the whole city...”

Stevie and Jaz

travelers and authors of the blog https://traveltoblank.com/

„…the Chopin Museum is a great shout if you’re looking to perk up a bit after visiting the POLIN and the Warsaw Rising Museum…”


traveler and author of the blog https://princeoftravel.com/

„…The best time to visit Warsaw is during the spring and summer months when everything is green, the parks are colourful with flowers, and there are many activities going on around the city…”

Oksana and Max

travelers and authors of the blog https://drinkteatravel.com/

Warsaw off the beaten track

You may visit Warsaw the capital of Poland in many ways – online by reading stories or visiting the city in real using different means of transport (eg. bus or bike), looking for various schemes (eg. local cuisine, WWII, Jewish Herritage), having strolls in a walking distance from your accommodation or hire a local guide who can help you to design the best stay for you.

Visiting Warsaw with a licensed guide is the best way to learn city history, customs and even to ask difficult questions. Look at WARSAW GUIDED TOURS


Warsaw is a very convenient city to have various one-day tours. Check 1-DAY TOURS FROM WARSAW and find tours of Masovia district and tours of Jewish Herritage


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